Bride and Groom Photography

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. People want to remember their special day. Wedding photography is the best way to capture the most wonderful moments of a couples’ life. 
These days, there is a trend of candid wedding photography which is catching up fast. Though this is the new hip trend, there are many fans of traditional wedding photography.
Indian candid photography is a mixture of the old and new. Because it covers a very traditional wedding in a new and different hue. It captures people when they are not aware of their picture being taken. Hence, the name candid. The photographers click pictures without staging a scene. Hence it is natural and brings in a sense of realism. The photographer moves around the wedding area and catches people as they go about the wedding rituals. In fact, it has become popular in recent times in spite of candid photography cost is higher than that of traditional photography.

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We simply believe in perfection that is why our work speaks for us. While focusing on camera lenses we try our best to capture the simplicity along with feelings that is how the true identity of a photographer can be seen in our work. Photography is the combination of science & art and only experts can balance these two vital spheres when it comes to capturing moments.