Commercial Photography

Being a professional photographer in the industry requires you to click pictures that sell, or at least compel the potential customers to take action in favour of your business.

Now, if you are a photographer thinking of making a career in the product photography or commercial photography industry then you must know that it comes with great opportunities. Whether it’s getting paid more or getting more business opportunities, commercial photography can really put your skills to test and can be very rewarding as the pictures get added to your commercial photography portfolio.

Now one thing is sure that before stepping into the industry and start clicking commercial photos, you need to at least know how to use a camera along with the technical skills including setting up lights and post-processing if you want to be an advertising photographer.

So, if you want to be a successful commercial photographer and maintain that appeal in your photos that attract customers to your business then there are some things you can do. Given below is a comprehensive guide to doing commercial photography, follow this article to know more.

Before talking about the tips to improve your commercial photography, let us tell you in brief about different types of commercial photography that are usually required in the industry.

If you think about it then every photography is commercial if you know where and how to sell your pictures. But sometimes there’s a specific purpose and an organization that you work for. In such an environment, the kinds of photos that are expected from a photographer are more professional and message-oriented. So, if you are doing commercial photography, you must get familiar with different kinds of it that can help you prepare better for the job. Given below are different types of photoshoots that are done for commercial purposes.

1. Product Photoshoot

Product Photography is one of the most demanding yet biggest industries right now. Brands who want to list their products on the eCommerce websites often hire photographers who can help them in showing the best of their products.

Commercial product photography is usually done in a studio in front of white background but the right object placement around the subject can simply enhance the overall appeal. For this, one needs to be familiar with the lighting and how to use it properly.

2. Fashion Photography

Then there’s commercial fashion photography. This type of commercial photography involves a model showcasing a product. The photographer’s job is to make the most out of the photoshoot as the stakes are high and the models are usually on a payroll.

So, getting into such type of photography requires one to have knowledge of fashion photography and how to make a model pose.

3. Food Photography

Clicking food pictures for an Instagram post is fine but have you ever tried getting paid for doing it? Well, commercial food photography is all about that. Such kind of photoshoot involves one to click pictures ranging from food to restaurant. For this, one needs to learn the art of creative food photography.

4. Commercial Headshots

The demand for headshots has always been there. Whether it is a corporate headshot or a headshot for an acting portfolio, customers pay to look good on camera and get photos that they can use to fulfill their required purposes.

While doing commercial photography for headshots, you must focus on making your subject pose as well as click pictures that make them look good.

5. Advertising Photography

This genre of photography usually revolves around promoting products or services provided by a particular company. This form of commercial photography is usually done for editorials like magazines and newspapers.

6. Jewellery Photography

It is essential for a jewelry brand to get Jewellery Photography as most of their sales come from the marketing of these images.

With this, the brand can easily emphasis on promoting all the new and attractive line of products.