Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Today’s pre-wedding shoot is in great trend. Everyone loves to have a pre-shoot before their wedding so they can give a beautiful look to the celebration place with their own photos. In the whole process, the main key is photography and if the cameraman is not experienced or fails to capture the right photograph the event can spoil. At this time you are in search of a professional cameraman who can enhance the beauty of your wedding ceremony.

Pre Wedding VideoShoots

We are one of the Best choice Pre Wedding and Wedding Photographer in Udaipur. Where you can approach an experienced photographer. We work like an intermediate and will make you reach the capable cameraman, who will take whole accountability of shooting your picture in a different way and will decide the place too. He will tell you the right posture or place where you can have smart capture. We get a lot of email or phone calls to hire a photographer for their pre-wedding and wedding shoot in Udaipur and nearby places in Rajasthan.

Invitation Video

With the pre-wedding preparations gaining a lot more importance in weddings today, one thing that is fast becoming the latest trend is ‘Wedding Invitation Video’. These are creative concepts based on the specific requirement of clients and are an interesting and fun way of communicating your wedding details to your friends and family. In today’s digital age, it is proving to be extremely convenient and is also innovative.

Share your love story or arranged marriage story of how you found your ‘THE ONE’ through our template. With this Wedding Invitation Video Maker, you officially announce your wedding date and let guests know that they are invited to the celebration uniquely and elegantly, and create an experience that everyone will talk about. You will mark your style and touch your guest’s heart with these invites.

With our Wedding Invitation Video Maker you can invite your guest via. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and all other social media platforms in just one click. All you need to do is just make one copy (video, Ecard, Gifs) & then send it to everyone. You can customize this invitation according to your needs like text, photo, details e.t.c. There are different categories to select from like Traditional Invitation, Photo-Based Invitation, Modern Invite, Floral Invite, Hindu Wedding Invitation, Engagement Invite, Ring and Roka Invitation, PDF Invitations, Ecard Invite, Gif invite & also Countdown & remainder cards. You name it and we have it.

With this Wedding invitation Video Maker, you can also go for a Caricature Wedding Invitation which gives a personal touch to your invite. Following are the different types of Wedding themes & Ideas.

Baby Photoshoot in Udaipur | Birthday Baby Videography in Rajsamand

The first year of having a baby in your life is a magical time as you watch the tiny life you created, learn to sit, crawl, stand and even walk. Even in the later months till they turn one, a baby photography session can be equally rewarding. At different stages of your babies’ development, there are a whole bunch of unique poses that can be tried. Around 3/4 months they are able to hold their heads when on their tummies. When they are 5/6 months they can sit, at 8 months they start crawling and before you know it around their first birthday they take their very first steps. Being one of the best and most experienced baby photographers in Udaipur, Rajasthan. I can suggest the best time to photograph your child. You may refer to my post here to know more.